Best Portable Air Conditioner for Cars

Everyone needs an air conditioner for their car, particularly during the warmer months of the summer. Whether you’re relaxing at home, working at the office, or traveling, you should be able to enjoy the highest-quality surroundings. Most automobiles have an integrated air conditioning system that serves this purpose. There are a few exceptions, though. You might choose the best portable air conditioner for cars made specifically for cars if your car doesn’t have one or if it is beyond repair due to damage.

When it comes to portable air conditioners, the market offers a limited number of choices. There are even fewer possibilities that provide the right performance for the expenditure if you’re seeking for ones that are appropriate for autos. As a result, we have included each of these choices in our list of the top portable air conditioners for automobiles. Check out our Buying Guide if you’re interested in learning more about how to choose the best solution for your automobile. A best portable air conditioner for car can significantly improve the comfort of long travels, whether your car lacks an air conditioner or you simply need stronger cooling. You may install one of these top-of-the-line air conditioners to keep your car cool all summer long, saving you from having to endure long drives loaded with dry heat.

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Six best portable air conditioner for car are as follows:

Arctic Air Ultra Evaporative Air Cooler By Onte:


Brand:Arctic Air
Special Feature:‎Portable
Control Type:‎Button
Item Weight:2.6 Pounds

The Ontel Arctic Air Conditioner is definitely what you want if you want the greatest air conditioner overall. The instant cooling and portability claims are still supported by this product that was featured on television. You can practically regulate every part of this top-notch air conditioner, and it is quite simple to operate.

It can fit practically anyplace in your car because to its small size. The goal of the back vent is to force hot air through the cooling tank and out the front at a much lower temperature. The air is also lightly misted, which raises the relative humidity. You will thus be able to have a personal air conditioner that also functions as a fan.

Key Features:

  • PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER: The Arctic Air Ultra is a cooling, humidifying, and purifying device. Three fan speeds and a multi-directional air vent are features of this personal space cooler. Its size, 45 square feet, is exactly in the middle of the average. It features a small design. You can put it nearly anywhere in your car.
  • Quiet and portable, it is ideal for usage overnight for a peaceful sleep. It is also lightweight and whisper-quiet. Arctic Air Ultra is freon-free and energy-efficient! EFFICIENT COOLING: Hydro-chill technology rapidly transforms hot air into cool, relaxing air by drawing it through an evaporative air-cooling filter. Just press the button and add water to the top fill water tank. Having to deal with a terrible lemon is not a concern; a replacement will be sent.
  • Discover our selection of enjoyable and practical items for daily use, such as Inkjet Refill Kit, Microfiber Cloths, Dryer Balls, Swivel Sweeper, Iron Gym, Pillow Pets, Arctic Air, and Turbo Pump.
  • Ontel provides some of the most cutting-edge consumer goods available, including toys, hand tools, home fitness equipment, health & beauty items, household goods, and accessories.


  • You may use it all day long because to the lengthy run time. Nothing beats eight consecutive hours of air conditioning if you’re driving.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty.
  • It is so compact and lightweight.
  • You can use it in your car as long as you have access to an AC adaptor.
  • Any automobile, truck, SUV, or van may fit in the square footage well.


  • There aren’t many settings available. Every time you use it, you’ll have to put up with loud fan noise.
  • While adapters exist, finding one will cost you a little more money. It’s less practical than a USB- or battery-powered device.

Batlofty Portable Air Conditioner:


Special Feature:Rechargeable, Portable
Control Type:‎Button
Item Weight:1 kilogram

It’s no secret that people want to cool off as soon as their air conditioner kicks on, especially if their automobile is scorching hot. The Batlofty best portable air conditioner for car, thankfully, provides an excellent answer to the issue: a powerful, long-lasting fan with broad blades. As is the case with the majority of other best portable air conditioner for car, water serves as the coolant source.

This superior fan’s ability to oscillate 120 degrees in both directions sets it apart from others. If your back seat is open, you may place this air conditioner there to cool the entire car. To choose how chilly you want your automobile to be, there are various speed settings. Given that you may use them for up to 9 hours, the long-lasting batteries charge in roughly 3 to 4 hours, which isn’t too awful. Throughout the course of your trip, you won’t have any trouble maintaining your composure. It’s a good option whether you use it for short commutes or long distance travel.

Key Features:

  • A 180° auto oscillation: This tiny air conditioner supports 60°/120° after correct setting, unlike other static air conditioners. During gatherings, camping trips, or other activities, the 180° oscillation feature offers a considerably broader cooling area, making it very handy for you to share the coolness with your friends or families.
  • Rechargeable Battery, 5000mAh
  • Maximum 9 hours of unbeatable cooling are provided by the built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged in 3–4 hours. There are numerous power sources available; you may recharge the battery for continued use using a power bank, laptop, or car charger.
  • Airflow and Cooling Level Adjustable There are 3 different settings for cooling intensity and wind speed, respectively. Based on your demands, you can choose from many levels. Large water tank with a 700ml capacity that can last up to 12 hours on 650ml of water. You should put some ice in the air conditioner to experience additional coolness.
  • Versatile and Simple to Operate. Despite its potent powers, it weighs less than the majority of small air conditioners. You can carry it around without a problem.
  • This personal air conditioner not only cools the air, but it also functions as a humidifier and a purifier in one unit. It filters the air by eliminating microscopic particulates and humidifies the atmosphere around you. With just a few clicks, it’s very simple to handle the air conditioner thanks to the control panel’s touch screen design.
  • One best portable air conditioner for car, one USB cable, and one user manual are included.


  • One of the most potent portable air conditioners is this one. It may be used anyplace in your house or car to swiftly cool it down.
  • The batteries are also present. After purchasing this somewhat expensive portable machine, there is no need to invest extra money.
  • It lasts longer than the majority of rivals. You may anticipate a lot of use at 9 hours per water tank.
  • There are three levels of cooling. You don’t need to endure freezing conditions or low fan speeds. Discover the ideal fit for every situation.


  • The handle is of poor quality. When the tank is full of water, don’t rely on it because it could shatter and leak everywhere.
  • The batteries will ultimately need to be changed. Although lithium ion batteries are renowned to last for a long time, you should keep the entire cost in mind..

NTMY Personal Air Cooler, Portable Air Conditioner Fan:


Control Type:‎Button
Item Weight:1.07 kilogram

We are all aware that the majority of air conditioners are powered by fans. The only coolant used in portable models is water, while some of them also utilize antifreeze. The NTMY best portable air conditioner for car effectively utilizes the fan to keep you cool without the need of hazardous chemicals or coolants.

This air conditioner excels because it distinguishes between the fan and the water. This device mists the fan while blowing ambient air through it, in contrast to most other systems that draw air via the water tank. The end result is a significantly stronger fan with a longer runtime thanks to the effective utilization of water. This air conditioner has several misters around the top edge. Select the setting, then observe as your car’s interior temperature is lowered. If you’re sick of the dry heat, the dampness that this machine provides will be very welcome.

Key Features:

  • Personal Air Cooler & Air Humidifier – This product doubles as a humidifier and personal air cooler. The little evaporative air cooler can be used all year round to cool you off in the summer and to humidify the air in the dry months of autumn and winter. A full water tank can spray continuously for 2.5–12 hours (depending on the speed).
  • Adjustable Wind Speeds & Automatic Timing – Three wind speeds (high, medium, and low) are available, with manual up-down adjustments to change the direction of the wind within 60°C to suit your various needs.
  • You can choose the best automated timing from three options (1/2/3H) to enjoy your free time, sleep, or work. A typical air conditioner uses 10 watts per hour, which is about as low as it gets.
  • The misting fan provides a total of 7 gentle color options and 1 fading, with low noise. Place on a coffee or dining table to foster a romantic ambiance! You can have a restful night’s sleep all night long with a desktop air cooler fan’s powerful yet quiet operation.
  • Removable design makes it easier to clean your water tank and add water and ice cubes to the water container. Portable handle makes it easy to transport, making it ideal for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, etc.
  • Power Supply Techniques and Energy Efficiency – Simply attach the USB cord to the compatible devices. Additionally, using a portable air fan uses significantly less energy than operating an air conditioner that uses Freon. Consequently, you shouldn’t anticipate the same outcomes as an air conditioner. Please place it next to you not farther than 3 to 4 feet.


  • It includes several LED lights. These lights not only brighten the unit in dim areas but also provide a little entertainment value to it.
  • It can be connected to any USB adaptor. It is more than compatible whether you use the power block on your phone charger or the USB port in your car.
  • The runtime is the maximum allowed 12 hours.
  • Both the fan’s power and the spray distance are adjustable. You can decide whether to increase the air conditioner’s runtime or its efficiency.
  • It uses very little energy.


  • The air conditioner only lasts around 2.5 hours if you want to get the most out of it.
  • Being the only source of cooling, the mist can be a little overbearing.

Portable 4 in 1 Multifunctional Air Conditioner Cooler Fan:


Specific Feature:‎Led, Portable
Item Weight:2.35 pounds

You’re in luck if you want an air conditioner that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Because it’s portable and has a sturdy handle, the Blitz Wolf Portable Air Conditioner is among my top picks on the market. Because it is flush with the design, the handle is out of the way of the airflow.

Key Features:

  • This air conditioner is lit, and its numerous lights ensure that it is visible well into the night. The 2000mAh battery may be swiftly charged and used for several hours.
  •  The fact that it weighs only 1.92 pounds is one of the key reasons I thought it was the most portable choice. You can fit it practically anywhere thanks to the small size.
  • This chic portable car air conditioner has three settings. Select from low, medium, or high. The fans power, how much water it uses, and how long the battery can last are all impacted by the three settings. It goes without saying that setting it up high will significantly reduce battery life.


  • It is as small as it can be. Look no further if you need a tiny, lightweight air conditioner for your vehicle.
  • The power can be chosen by selecting a setting. Run a powerful fan for a few hours or a low-pressure cooling mist for many more.
  • Recharge it, then resume chilling your car. Don’t stress about plugs and battery replacement.
  • The ambiance-enhancing lighting is a lovely addition. Although it doesn’t improve how well the air conditioner works, it does foster a calm atmosphere.
  • The shell and handle are both robust. Despite its low cost, this long-lasting a/c unit is sturdy and reliable.


  • The runtime is somewhat less than I would want. You will only get around two hours of use out of it if you want to use it on the highest level.
  • A large region cannot be adequately cooled by the front face. It can take a few minutes for the temperature in your car to be lowered.

Evapolar eva CHILL Personal Evaporative Air Conditioner:


Specific Feature:‎Ultraportable, USB connectivity,
Award-winning design, Fast Cooling,
Energy efficient
Seasonal Energy:7

The dependable Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Air Conditioner is the best option for your automobile if you don’t want to make a lot of adjustments or repairs. It has received multiple honors from reputable organizations and publications including Forbes and Business Insider. They laud the small size, the cold air, and the great airflow.

Although it receives a lot of praise for these three qualities, the lack of upkeep is not discussed enough. Filters don’t need to be changed too frequently, and the interior of the device won’t rust. All you have to do is switch it on and add water whenever it runs out. You are already in the ideal location if you seek a simple answer. This portable air conditioner features a distinctive design that maximizes airflow through a tiny vent. The tank has more time to chill the air because it is positioned on the back rather than the middle.

Additionally, there are many light settings to brighten the space and create a calming impression. This best portable air conditioner for car features a distinctive design that maximizes airflow through a tiny vent. The tank has more time to chill the air because it is positioned on the back rather than the middle. Additionally, there are many light settings to brighten the space and create a calming impression

Key Features:

  • Evapolar’s eva CHILL uses evaporative technology to chill and humidify the air while also catching big dust particles in the material of the cartridge. With a convenient handle, 4 fan settings, and a single button, this device is incredibly portable.
  • Natural personal cooling effectively reduces the temperature in your personal space by 9 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect answer for hot, dry regions. Contrary to personal air conditioners, eva CHILL uses no liquids similar to Freon; instead, the temperature reduction is brought on by the process of water evaporation.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT & COST-SAVING – uses 7.5W (up to 100 times less power than an AC device) and lowers your expenses. It can be used independently or in conjunction with an AC to save electricity and avoid dry air.
  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE FOR BREATHING The device’s cartridge is filled with natural material made from basalt (a rock formation). Unlike cellulose, it is durable and hygienically persistent and doesn’t need to be cleaned. * Please be aware that the eva BREEZE bazalt-based cartridge material’s natural hue might range from white to dark green.
  • Empowered by patented eva breeze technology, which provides an exceptional cooling effect due to outstanding evaporative properties.


  • It includes filter cartridges for removing airborne dust.
  • For its effectiveness and power, it has received recognition from Business Insider, Forbes, the Guardian, and TNW.
  • Despite its small size, it boasts quick airflow and a lengthy 9-hour runtime per charge.
  • For a few hours of recharging, use a USB cord.
  • The vents are movable.
  • It makes use of either a gentle LED light to encourage sleepiness in a bedroom or an optional bright light to keep you awake and alert.


  • The pricing of this unit is substantially greater than other similar units because so many businesses advertise it. Although it is not cheap, you get what you pay for.
  • The filter cartridges will need to be changed periodically; otherwise, the system will be filled with a lot of mould.

 Portable Air Conditioner Fan by RAINBEAN


Specific Feature:‎Easy to Install
Item Weight:0.8 Kilogram

Unless you’re travelling a great distance, replenishing the water tank is usually not a major concern. I listed the large-tanked RAINBEAN Air Conditioner since no one wants to bring extra water for the a/c. Although it is near the bottom of the list, prospective purchasers shouldn’t ignore it.

It contains an 800ml tank that fastens to the air conditioner’s side. Since it is transparent, you can see when it needs to be refilled. This air conditioner is a powerhouse in comparison to others that have ranged from 50 to 650 liters. Also impressive is the fan.

Key Features:

  • The air cooler offers two wind modes (Low/High), a personal air conditioner cooler, a fan, and an air humidifier. This three-in-one multifunction design transports you away from the scorching summer and lets you enjoy your chilly summer.
  • Saving energy and improving your health – Unlike traditional air conditioners that require a compressor and contain toxic refrigerants, air coolers cool down faster by adding ice to the water. It reduces your electricity expenses while maintaining great efficiency at low working wattages of 1W to 8W. It also has no negative environmental effects.
  • LED Light and Large Capacity – 800ML When filled, a large water tank can be utilised for 6-7 hours. The body can be kept chilled at night to promote restful sleep by being constantly sprayed with cold air for a few hours. Additionally, you could check the water level at any moment by turning on the lovely blue LED light at night.
  • USB Charging and Mini Design – Powered by a USB connection, this simple and quick charger works with computers, laptops, power banks, chargers, and any other USB-enabled power supply. The height of this miniature evaporative cooler is about 6.9 inches. It won’t take up much room. Ideal for a room, family, office, etc.
  • The whisper-quiet fan and calming night light make this air cooler ideal to use overnight for a pleasant sleep. Quiet and Lightweight – This portable air fan may be operated powerfully at a low noise level.
  • Pour water or ice cubes into the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy. Simple to Set Up and Use.


  • There are two distinct fan settings available. Select a gentle wind that lasts for a while or a strong burst of air.
  • A detachable 800ml tank is included. Although the size has already been noted, the ability to remove the tank offers an additional level of convenience.
  • It is worthwhile to discuss USB compatibility. For immediate power, connect it to a USB port or a power brick.
  • There isn’t much noise made by it. It is among the quietest portable air conditioners available, measuring 36dB.


  • It’s not very safe inside the water tank. People have claimed that when they move the unit, it falls off.
  • The air gets a lot more moisture as a result. That can be a little too much for someone who lives in a humid environment


As you can see, using a best portable air conditioner for car can significantly alter the temperature inside your automobile. You don’t have to endure the oppressive heat for endless hours. With one of the devices on the above list, you can change the humidity, raise the temperature, and add a cozy wind.

  • Choose the Batlofty Air Conditioner for superior cooling.
  • The NTMY Air Conditioner is the best choice if you desire a powerful fan.
  • The Blitzwold Air Conditioner should be considered by anyone looking for the best portability.
  • Try the Evapolar Air Conditioner to lower your maintenance expenses and turnaround times.
  • Finally, buy the RAINBEAN Air Conditioner if you need a big tank for a big car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would a portable AC work in a car?

Versatility – Portable AC units are also very versatile. You can use them in your car, but you can also use them in your home, office, or any other small space. Size – One thing to consider when buying a portable AC unit is its size. Make sure you buy one that is not too big or too small for your needs.

Can I use the Arctic air in my car?

Car test. We headed out to the car and plugged the Arctic Air into a USB port for our next test. After 10 minutes on the high setting, the temperature in the car went up a degree! Even in a small space like a car, it wasn’t able to provide much relief from the summer heat.

How do I add cool air to my car?

Five Ways to Make the Car Air Conditioner Feel Colder, Faster:
Replace the cabin air filter.
Park in the shade whenever possible.
Supercharge your A/C system.
Don’t switch to max A/C right away.
Avoid giving your car A/C mixed signals.

Does AC Effect car engine?

Your car’s AC will obviously take power from the same source your whole car takes, and that is the engine. The additional pressure of the air conditioning system puts load on the engine.

Does AC use more fuel?

Despite many believing this is a common misconception, air con does in fact increase your fuel consumption. Research has found that by using your air conditioning to control the climate of your vehicle, you can actually increase your fuel consumption by around 8-10%

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